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Dry Cleaning services

Cleaning Concepts Dry CleaningThere is a misconception that all Dry Cleaners offer the same product.  Many dry cleaners

use less detergent, shorter wash times, skip the stain treating process and do not provide quality finishings.  At Cleaning Concept Cleaners we deliver the highest quality product through our eight step professional dry cleaning process at the lowest possible price.We treat your clothes as we would treat our own. From the time a garment enters our facility, it is inspected multiple times during our 8-step process to ensure that nothing is overlooked. All garments are pre-spotted using advanced techniques and all items are carefully pressed by hand or by our state of the art tension shirt finisher. A final and thorough inspection is performed to ensure that all parts of the garment are clean and finished, in a pristine condition that will satisfy the high standards of its owner. It is then delicately packaged to preserve its cleanliness and shape, ready to be delivered back to you.We regularly change our cleaning pads and solvents. The cleanliness of a garment relies on the cleaning processes to which it is exposed. That's why we change our cleaning pads and solvents far more frequently than our competitors. This is to ensure your garments are processed with agents and tools in optimum condition.There is no better Dry Cleaner to entrust with the care of all your garments than Cleaning Concept Cleaners.

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