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COVID-19 disinfection service’s office cleaning recommendations

Although the coronavirus vaccine rollout is well underway, now is not the time to slack off on regular cleaning and disinfecting of your office space.

Everyday people won’t get the vaccine until several months from now, and you’ll want to ensure the health and safety of your employees while they are working at your organization.

Make sure your cleaning guidelines are up to par with the CDC's cleaning recommendations. Here’s how to disinfect your office space, straight from our NJ COVID-19 disinfection service experts.

1. Create your office cleaning plan

Make a list of all the areas and surfaces that need to be cleaned in your office, including high traffic surfaces like light switches and countertops.

Areas that people don’t use for seven days or more only need routine cleaning rather than full-on disinfection. On the other hand, you should prioritize any areas that see regular or constant use by many people in your office.

Create guidelines to follow when cleaning and disinfecting the various areas in your building. If you work with a cleaning service, make sure that their practices follow CDC guidelines. You’ll also want to stock up on the equipment and items, including PPE, you need to carry out your cleaning plan.

2. Implement your plan

Wear disposable gloves and masks while cleaning to limit the transmission of the virus, and wash your hands before and after cleaning as well. You’ll also want to provide the area with as much ventilation as possible, especially when using chemical disinfectants or bleach.

Clean all surfaces twice — once with regular soap and water, and another pass with an EPA-approved disinfectant that’s effective against the coronavirus.

Make sure to read the disinfectant label carefully and follow the manufacturer’s instructions exactly to ensure maximum effectiveness. This will usually require leaving the disinfectant on surfaces for a short period of time before wiping it off.

3. Continue to clean and disinfect your space regularly

Provide training to employees that regularly interact with other people and provide cleaning services on cleaning and disinfecting best practices.

Stick to your cleaning regimen, with the help of an outsourced COVID-19 disinfection service if needed. Make sure to clean and disinfect high-traffic surfaces like tables, doorknobs, desks, and phones daily.

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