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Medical & Healthcare

Cleaning Concept LLC is a Morris County janitorial service that's always by your side when you need us the most.

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Medical & Healthcare

Cleaning Concept’s uses CDC guidelines to clean and we are prepared to make sure you are 100% in compliance. Our clients include: Government agencies Commercial properties Financial institutions Healthcare Schools & universities Federal and commercial airports Hotels & hospitalities Industrial properties Contact us now and book your appointment. You are our priority, we respond ASAP!Disinfect workspaces and data centers across your entire business footprint using Site hands’ trained professionals and deep cleaning solutions. Give your staff peace of mind from day one during times of uncertainty.This is a fast-spreading virus that has caused drastic changes in all our lives... We're here to provide businesses with the proper disinfecting procedure in order to prevent its spread as much as possible! EPA Registered Hospital Grade Level Disinfectant is used to provide Disinfectant Spray Treatments, HVAC Disinfectant Treatments, and Automobile Disinfectant Spray Treatments.


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HealthCare/Hospital/Medical Office Cleaning

Healthcare facilities must deal with infectious diseases every day in the course of treating patients. Unfortunately, almost 1.7 million people catch infections after visiting a healthcare facility. Even worse, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that of these people, almost 10,000 cases result in death. As scary as these statistics are, it’s possible to prevent some of these illnesses.

One effective way to fight infectious disease is with professional healthcare cleaning services. Medical cleaning services are designed to safely sanitize a hospital or other medical facility. Cleaning Concept Service’s staff has comprehensive training to provide hospital-cleaning services for all types of healthcare facilities located in the Tri-state area.

What Is Included in Our Healthcare Facility Cleaning Service?

Healthcare cleaning services will include comprehensive cleaning at either the basic or deep-cleaning level. Cleaning Concepts, a leader among hospital cleaning companies serving both commercial businesses and Offices Buildings, for a free quote on either of these options.

Examination Rooms

Hospital-cleaning services are vitally important for the overall health of the population. Patients often have open wounds in areas with a high level of pathogens. This combination of factors can lead to dangerous infections and other types of complications that affect overall patient health. The Cleaning Concept's Service team has the expertise and knowledge necessary to remove pathogens and leave examination rooms clean and sanitary for patients. Our team will assess every room to clean with special care. This cleaning involves professional disposal of hazards such as medical syringes and bodily waste. The cleaning team will also sterilize examination rooms.

Medical Office Cleaning

Medical offices must also maintain a clean environment. Physicians who see patients all day in examination rooms also spend time in their offices. Medical professionals who touch office surfaces such as desks, light switches, and chairs also examine patients. Of course, doctors wash their hands repeatedly throughout the day, but it’s virtually impossible to take too many precautions in the fight against infection. Additionally, doctors who work in a sanitary environment may stay healthier, which can reduce absences due to illness.

What we offer
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The Basic Package

The basic package of medical cleaning services includes trash removal, garbage bag replacement, floor-cleaning, and office dusting. When Restrooms are present, our janitorial team will clean toilets, urinals, sinks, bathtubs, and showers. A deep-cleaning package is available for more comprehensive cleaning.

Deep-Cleaning Package

The deep-cleaning package is the most thorough cleaning we offer. Deep cleaning includes all of the services performed in the basic package. Deep cleaning also includes dusting of every surface in either offices or examination rooms. Full vacuuming of floors and other upholstered surfaces such as chairs is also part of this service. Vacuuming also includes moving furniture as necessary.

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