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Why You Need a Covid-19 Disinfection Service in NJ

The recent pandemic has made it clear for all of us just how important disinfection services are. When it comes to Covid-19 in NJ, Cleaning Concept has been a reliable cleaning service for many establishments in the educational, real estate, and hospitality sectors, just to name a few. More than ever before, customers are looking for reassurance that the physical spaces they are in have been cleaned and disinfected. Following recommended Covid-19 cleaning standards means your business is doing its part to stop the spread of the virus. So what exactly are the benefits of having a disinfection service and why does your business need one?

Protect Your Staff and Your Customers

The safety of your staff and the safety of your customers should be your number one priority during these times. Using top-of-the line cleaning agents and the latest cleaning technology may reduce the risk of infection, keeping all visitors to your business protected from the Covid-19 virus. As we are still learning about the virus, doing your best to disinfect and clean your business may be the best way to ensure its future. Your staff and customers rely on you to keep them safe and employees are often the first line of defense against Covid-19. As a responsible employer, using a disinfection service is one of the best ways to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Create Customer Trust

After using a disinfection service, create signage that assures visitors to your business that you are taking every possible precaution during the pandemic. Letting customers know that you’ve used a disinfection service will give them the peace of mind and create a sense of trust. As an already competitive market gets even more cut-throat, letting your customers see that you are doing everything possible to fight Covid-19 means gaining their confidence and trust. Responsible business practices, such as using a disinfection service often mean loyalty from your customers.

Public Safety

Following the recommendations mandated by the state of New Jersey, Cleaning Concept is committed to maintaining public safety. High-quality, commercial-strength cleaning agents and meticulous cleaning methods are our weapons during the pandemic. We are all responsible and doing our part, and virus-free public and private spaces will keep all of NJ safe. Faucets, door handles, elevator buttons, and many other high-traffic surfaces should all be regularly disinfected for the safety of the public. Taking as many precautions as possible now means you and your business will be ready for reopening in the near future.

The Cleaning Concept Advantage

As a cleaning company that specializes in corporate and medical cleaning, we are taking the current pandemic very seriously. We have over 12 years of experience in the business and 90% of employees have been OSHA trained. One of our specialties is cleaning for the medical and healthcare sectors and we use EPA registered hospital grade level disinfectant. Working with us means a professional and thorough experience, using quality materials and equipment. Our staff can help you get you ready for reopening! Get in touch to get a quote, chat about your disinfection needs, and ask any questions about our cleaning processes.